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Top Seven Tips to Protect Your Eye Vision

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Do you know what nearsightedness is? If your answer is ‘no’ to my question, then check the following information to know about it in detail.

This ‘nearsightedness’ is also called as Shortsightedness or Myopia. Besides, this is a condition where the objects nearby appear blurry. There are many people who are facing this condition these present days. In fact, it has become quite common these days. Moreover, this condition is treatable. According to the recent studies conducted on nearsightedness it is revealed that almost 30% people in America are suffering with nearsightedness.

Symptoms of Nearsightedness

Here are the symptoms of nearsightedness which you should know.

  • Squinting
  • Tiredness in Eyes
  • Headaches

Taking the treatment and using contact lenses or eyeglasses can reduce these symptoms. Hence, it is very important for you to go for an eye exam Houston when you observe the above symptoms.

What causes nearsightedness?

Looking at the computer screen for hours together and watching TV sitting close to its screen can strain your eyes very badly. As a result, you may face nearsightedness.

How to protect my eye vision?

It is very difficult to prevent nearsightedness but if you want to slow down that process then here are some tips for you.

  • Wear sunglasses while going out especially on a sunny day to protect your eyes from dust and harmful UV rays.
  • Use the corrective lenses daily which your doctor has prescribed to avoid things getting worsened in future.

  • Go for eye check-up at least once in a month to maintain your eye health.
  • Take multiple breaks while working on a computer. Remember that, looking at your computer screen without any break for hours together can cause nearsightedness.
  • If you have diabetes or heart problem then there are chances of getting nearsightedness. Do consult a doctor if you have these health problems.
  • You should avoid smoking to protect your eye vision.
  • Have lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to maintain your eye health.

There are many eye doctors in Houston who can provide the best treatment for nearsightedness. Check their websites to know what all treatments they offer and how much do they charge for these treatments. Last but not the least check their reviews as well to know how effective their treatments are.

Fix an appointment with one of the reputed eye doctors in Houston today to correct your eye vision.