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Seven Reasons to Love Chocolate

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Everybody has their own favorite chocolate. Whether you are a chocolate enthusiast that likes more than 70%, a milk chocolate lover or somebody who indulges in some milky bars, chocolate lovers are bound together by cocoa beans.

Whether the flavor of chocolate is more complex than that of wine, it has many benefits and people love it. If you have been thinking about chocolate as too much for your diet, here are reasons you should change your mind and start loving chocolate:

Chocolate Contains Antioxidants

Cocoa is rich in the antioxidant called flavonoids. Generally, antioxidants are known to protect the body from free radicals and eating chocolate could just add up your army of bodily defense. In fact, a number of studies show that the flavonols in chocolate can help prevent sunburn. Other benefits of flavonols include reducing blood pressure and inflammation.

It has Theobromine that Acts like Caffeine

Some studies reveal that chocolate and caffeine have almost the same molecular structure. But, no matter how possible this is, chocolate acts like caffeine so get a chocolate bar next time you need a cup of coffee.

Chocolate can Contain Healthy Fat

As long as you stay away from chocolate that has vegetable fat and go for chocolate with only 3-4 ingredients, you can be sure you are consuming a healthy fat. Milk chocolate has many things more than just antioxidants, sugar, monounsaturated fat, and steric acid. The bulk chocolate specialist you may be ordering chocolate from should be able to inform you of their ingredients.

It Makes you Feel Good

Did you know that chocolate helps alleviate the symptoms of mild depression? This has to do with its anandamide content. Anandamine is a neurotransmitter that helps with mood regulation.

It Helps Curb Cravings

Adding 70 percent dark chocolate to your diet will reduce your cravings for sweets. Indeed, scientists reveal that dark chocolate is more filling. This chocolate causes more of a feeling of satiety while milk or white chocolate causes a different chemical reaction in the brain because of their high sugar content.

It is a Conversation Starter

Regardless of where you go or who you are with, chocolate can be a conversation topic anyone is interested in. Chocolate is quite universal and people can relate to anything chocolate.

It Boosts your Brain Power

Research illustrates that drinking chocolate helps increase the flow of blood to the brain regions responsible for cognitive function. Also, the blood circulation to the brain can also be boosted. This makes chocolate a great brain food.