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Matching Your Outfits for the Winter Season

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Matching Your Outfits for the Winter Season

The winter season is fast approaching, and it only means one thing: having the excuse to dress up in layers. As fashion changes with every decade, every month is a chance to bring out your clothing choices that are sleeping in hibernation until they can come out to be in with the trends again. It’s time to dig through the piles of clothes that you own and to restructure your wardrobe options to dress for the cold seasons.

Layers upon layers

Winter is the time for heavy coats and layered clothing. If you’re looking to go out in the morning while the chilly temperature isn’t too low while the sun is still up, you might want to dress up in layers instead of committing to heavy warm coats. Wearing a long-sleeved polo under a sweater or wearing three layers of clothing from the shirt, polo, to jacket could keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Dealing with jewellery

It’s a little bit trickier to show off your jewellery especially if you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing. A great way to show some accents is wearing either silver or pearl to match what you’re wearing. Pearl jewellery by Claudia Bradby highlights a distinct but simple design that can be a great accent to your winter wear. Not only will the translucent look make for a great complement to colourful clothing, having simple highlights in the form of earrings, bangles, and necklaces on top of your dark to pastel colour choices can make your jewellery pop out in the midst of the soft snowfall.

Frosty colour choices

Pastel is a favourite summer colour,but it can also be celebrated all year round. When it comes to designing your look, you can go for compliments or contrasts. Additions could be in the form of having a light overcoat while wearing dark jeans and boots and a dark shawl or scarf underneath. The opposite can have the same effect in having bright colours for your bottom half while you keep your layered clothing going from a gradient of lightest to darkest.

When it comes to the winter season, you should stay away from looking like a Christmas tree. You could still incorporate the reds and greens in your look, but balance things out by having an apparent imbalance of colours which could be supplemented with bonnets, berets, and scarfs to add the shade you want to highlight.

Garments to complete your look

The best part of the winter season is that it gives you the excuse to wear excess. You’ll be ableto make the most out of mixing and matching your wardrobe from caps and bonnets to wearing scarves of varying lengths and thickness. Gloves and legwarmers aren’t the most popular options for pairing with a professional look, but fashion is all about finding what works for you and expressing yourself with what you connect with. A great mix of casual and professional can give you a stylish and unique look made up of different garments.