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Driving Around NZ In Winter: Safety Tips

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One of the top road trip destinations in the world, New Zealand really has a lot to offer no matter which season you choose for your trip. Of course there are pluses and minuses to each season, so you will want to do your research. The winter offers a variety of great activities such as skiing and snowshoeing, plus many of the summer activities, such as surfing, are still in full swing even in the cooler months. One thing you should definitely keep in mind if you plan on hitting NZ in the wintertime is that there will be a few more precautions to follow than in the summer just to stay safe and avoid any troubles. So if you’re embarking on a motorhome hire new zealand journey in the colder season, make sure to take these tips into consideration.

Spare Tires

This one is very important. The chances of blowing a tire are much higher in the wintertime than during the warmer months of the year. The cool air makes tires more brittle and there is more damaging material on the road including ice shards and tougher gravel. A blown tire is easily fixable as long as you have a decent spare and a jack. Always make sure that you have these with you and that you’ve practiced changing a tire so you know how to do it when needed. This will be the difference between fixing up your tire and getting back on the road and becoming stranded for many hours in a remote area. Being stranded can be a major issue in the winter, so you want to avoid the possibility at all costs. Having a couple of spares and the tools you need to complete a tire change.

Extra Warm Clothes

No matter how many precautions you take, you should always plan on being stranded. This way if the worst should take place you will be fully prepared. One of the basics you need to have along is a bundle of extra warm clothes. If you’re stranded for a long period of time then these clothes will come in handy in keeping you warm until you find the help you need and can get back on the road. Of course you will have warm clothes along anyway, but keep a bundle of extra sweaters, coats, and hats just in case you should become stranded on the story.

Hot Foods

There’s no greater comfort on a winter motorhome hire new zealand journey than having hot foods on board. No matter what setup you have in terms of cooking, make sure you have what it takes to prepare a hot meal plus the food materials as well. This will also come in handy should you become stranded. Warm food equals comfort, so you will want these along on your journey, plus warm food equals survival in a stranded situation, so it may be the difference between being well fed and safe and being uncomfortable and hungry until help comes along.

Tire Chains

One of the top issues for winter travelers in New Zealand is getting mired down in snow or mud on the road. Just like with a blown tire, this can easily be circumvented by having the proper equipment on board. If you should be passing through particularly treacherous territory, you should pack some tire chains for your back tires which will help the vehicle grip the road better and help avoid getting stuck. It is a fact that tire chains go a long way toward avoiding getting marred down in snow and mud, so anybody passing through rough winter conditions should be prepared with chains.

You should also have some cardboard along for the ride plus road salts. Should you become stuck, these will help your vehicle get free. By placing cardboard behind the back tires you can help get a grip and aid you in getting out of the mire. The salt will help to dissolve any ice and snow around the tires, which will aid you greatly in getting out of the situation. The trick to winter driving is to avoid getting stuck while at the same time preparing for the worst.

There is no reason to hold off on taking a winter campervan hire new zealand journey. New Zealand really has a lot to offer in the winter, including a whole lot of activities that could not be participated in during the summer. From skiing to winter hiking to ice fishing, there are a great many fantastic winter activities that bring in thousands of road trippers each year. If this sounds great to you, then by all means plan yourself a winter trek through New Zealand. Just make sure you’re prepared and stay safe by following these winter driving tips.