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Are You an Aspiring Actor? It’s High Time You Should Realize the Importance of Headshots

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Are You an Aspiring Actor? It’s High Time You Should Realize the Importance of Headshots

If you are an aspiring actor or wanting to become one, then you must know how important it is to have a headshot. Headshot is referred to as a close up shot of your face. Casting staff, producers, directors, and writers need to take a good look at you to check if they have the right attribute for the given role by the means of headshots. They have two components, first, an 8×10 close up picture of your face and a copy of your resume. It is also known as a list of your credits. So, no matter how your acting skills are, if you don’t have headshot acting like your business card, no one will ever know that you are in this business. Ensure to give all the attention your headshot deserves.

  1. Use a professional

Your headshot must always be captured by professional headshot photographers. You want to expose yourself in the best lighting possible. Lighting is always a key to have a great headshot and the amateur ones are pretty obvious. There are many highly professional headshot photographers to deliver you the services you need. Make the most of the referrals from friends, actors, casting staff, and others instead of the ones you find randomly. So, always hire a reputable one who can show you some samples as well.

  1. Consider your pose

Your pose in the headshots are essential as you are wanting to exude your personality. The people who would be looking at your headshot should be able to determine what type of actor or person you are by just having a quick peek at the photo. If you are a comedian, make sure your pose isn’t angry or sad. Get two versions of your headshot, one smiling and other a serious one.

  1. What you should wear

Always don a solid color in your headshot and ensure that the background is simple and not too distracting. You want others to focus on your face instead of your attire or your background. Hence, photographers always prefer to capture the headshots up against a wall or a background with a solid color. It also helps in having your name somewhere on the photograph where you can add a watermark of your name with agency info. This is totally optional, but helps in avoiding your resume to get lost. It doesn’t matter if your headshot is printed on glossy or matter surface. What matters is how you look in the picture.